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Handsome Wedding. CICO (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a company that produces a lifestyle for the wealthy class. They suggest luxurious overseas weddings under the theme of “The Man Manages the Wedding.” The couple invites their families and friends, around 20-30 people, and all the fee is the groom’s charge, including transportation and accommodation. Looking ahead to the world after COVID-19, they added five wedding location plans, such as the lakeside of Como Lake in Italy and Saint-Tropez in Southern France. The groom prepares the highest-grade hotel in Europe’s famous summer resorts, grants the bride’s wishes, and thoroughly treats the guests. CICO’s wedding plans actualize the groom’s voice, “I only take time from the guests. I take no money at all.”

富有男子汉气概的结婚仪式。针对富裕阶层企划提案生活方式的“CICO Inc.”(东京·港区)向您提案以“男人主导的结婚仪式”为主题的高端海外婚礼。此方案的婚礼为完全邀请制。邀请20~30位家人或朋友,交通住宿等费用全部由新郎支付。考虑到后疫情时代的特殊情况,我们10月份开始新增了以北意大利的科莫湖畔和南法的圣特罗佩等为婚礼舞台的5个方案。我们准备了欧洲代表性避暑胜地的最高级酒店,在实现新娘的梦想的同时,精心招待邀请的来宾。“只需要邀请的客人付出他们宝贵的时间,不收取任何礼金”,此企划代为传达了新郎的此种心意。


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