Red, Blue, and Green. The three primary colors of light.

Red: the color of the sun. Blue: the color of the ocean. Green: the color of the trees.

The colors are not created from nothing.

A crystal clear color is made from multiple colors that have colored humans from far ago.

Humans are also the same – sustainable.

A sustainable time has been produced continuously since there are connections between various people and between humans and nature.

Every person can equally receive the blessings from nature.

However, we cannot touch the sun, which makes the ocean shine.

And the blue of the ocean passes through the palm.

But we can go in the greens made in the hollow that rolling waves formed.

Anniversary Agent made a theme song of “Sustainable Okinawa.”

It was composed by Jumpei Yamakawa, who was born in Okinawa, a staff member of Daisekirinzan, and a musician.

The title is “Green Room,” which means a green color in the hollow in surfing terms.

Match something and something, gather them, and expand them.

The beginning point is to combine the potential of people.

One person’s mind might be in only one color: red, green, or blue. But we treasure it, gather each other’s, and our days go on.

Thanks to all the miracles.

So that the two can reach the main theme they are looking for.

The tiny bubbles of my sprouting mind go into every small corner and become my beginning.

They gradually become “me” and form “us.”

Okinawa, Green Room.

Gods in the crystal clear color made from three primary colors would lead you inside.

The loving two, celebrate your wedding here.

In Okinawa – a place fulfilled with colors.

Sustainable Okinawa Movie


Profile of Jumpei Yamakawa

Born in Kunigami Village, Okinawa, Japan.

A singer-songwriter.

He formed a band, “The Lequio,” with Yanbarar Miyagi and later started his solo project.

Currently, he is wearing two hats: as a staff member of Daisekirinzan,

telling people about the strength of Okinawa’s nature,

and as a musician based in Yambaru, his beloved hometown.

He is a father of three children and an experienced person in married life.