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Forests, valleys, nature, limestone caves,
A journey through the mysteries of life, and a wedding.

Limestone caves are formed over hundreds of thousands of years.

Despite the long history of the cave, the ground naturally collapsed and formed a valley.

The place is called the Valley of Gangala.

From here, the breath of the spirits of our ancestors,

who existed around twenty thousand years ago, still springs out.

The two bonds were promised long before birth and will be tied in this valley.

Nature nurtured in ages will ensure the future of the two.

There are creatures living here from ancient times,

and you can sense the workings of nature lasting since the primitive age.

The guests will walk to the cave in this atmosphere.

A heart-warming ceremony and a casual party with a live performance are held in the wondrous place where water drops.

The story will be linked with tears and smiles.

This first-time experience and atmosphere will be a wonderful time of relaxation and mind purification for the guests – a fantastic way to express the sincere gratitude of the couple.

A person and a person are tied by the bonds.

In the relationship newly made by the two, the bonds of the guests will also be newly formed.

The ancient time and present time cross and lead to the future.

Since we live in this time, celebrate your wedding that starts with a trip tracing the mystery of life.

In this sustainable place, that would keep the same presence for the next hundred years.



◉About The Valley of Gangara
The Valley of Gangara is an ancient valley and subtropical forest formed by collapsed limestone caves hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is known as a place where one can see the vast prehistoric world. Some of the caves are believed to have been inhabited by the Minatogawa people, an ancient people who existed approximately 20,000 years ago, and are believed to be the roots of the Japanese people. Excavations continue to this day to uncover the facts about the human race. It is also a popular power spot in Okinawa that attracts many tourists.

◉Novotel Okinawa Naha (lodging, food, beverage, and service)
Opened in 2018 as the only Novotel brand in Japan by France-based Accor Hotels, Novotel Okinawa Naha is a new kind of hotel that combines a quiet, elegant air with the scent of Ryukyu dynasty with a comfortable, sophisticated space. For the wedding ceremony, from the accommodations of the bride, groom, and guests to the creative cuisine of the chef, who incorporates French cooking techniques while preserving the good old Okinawan culture with sustainability as the foundation, and the bartenders of the hotel, who have won numerous cocktail competitions, will provide a wide range of services to ensure a sustainable wedding in Okinawa. The bartender, who has won numerous cocktail competitions, will supervise all drinks, including signature cocktails.

◉Anniversary Agent (Total Production)
The Anniversary Agent is a wedding and lifestyle concierge focusing on anniversaries that will be remembered and recorded. We provide total coordination of the entire wedding process, from the ceremony in the Valley of Gungalla to the reception, venue decoration, photo & video, dress, hair & makeup, and entertainment arrangements, as well as the care of the bride, groom, parents, and guests during their stay in Okinawa. We also provide total production services, including the care of the bride, groom, parents, and guests during their stay in Okinawa.


MICEの「Valley of Gangala」について、




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