• AREA Okinawa, Kunigami Village

Mysterious Forest, The Yambaru Forest.
Wedding Under the Gajumaru Tree, Where God Dwells.

The connection with gods certainly exists in the pure air.

Gods brought the two here and tied the bonds of eternal love.

A person can meet a dearest person when there is a connection.

We pass each other with nothing in the city, even if we face each other at a close distance.

But we would attract each other over thousands of miles if we had a genuine connection.

Maybe that could be the inherited power of your ancestors and not your existing power.

The two finally meet and hold a wedding under the Ugan Gajumaru.

Besides the guests, your ancestors should be there with you.

Ancient gods will also celebrate you two.

The wedding day is the beginning of happiness.

The couple will start to tie many bonds from there.

A holier place. A place where people can bring in more beautiful natural power in their bodies.

Relax your body and soul. The marriage will start with a pure mind.

The trees whisper to the couple, and the birds watch over them from the sky.

And the two will sail out on the journey of life with a fresh tailwind.

The time full of Yambaru air will move on to happiness.

Since the bonds were finally tied, let’s start from this place.

A wedding under the Gajumaru tree in the Yambaru forest.


Precious landscapes, flora and fauna, myths and places of worship... Daisekirinzan has many themes to offer. Touch, feel, and experience the real thing. This is exactly the type of wedding that is appropriate for the current era.
The nearby mountains are dotted with a number of Utaki, sacred spaces and places of prayer, with Asimui at the center, considered sacred.
The Chuzan Seikan, the first history book of the Ryukyu Kingdom compiled in the 17th century, tells the myth of the Ryukyu Kingdom's first founder, Amamikyo, who was the ancestral goddess of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
Yanbaru National Park is located in the three villages of Kunigamison, Ogimi, and Higashison in the Oishi Forest Mountains. Yanbaru means "an area of mountains and forests.
The facility is equipped with a "barrier-free area" with gentle slopes, allowing everyone from children to seniors and wheelchair users to enjoy the nature experience and wedding with peace of mind.
The wedding ceremony will be held under one of the largest giant banyan trees in Japan, "Ugan Banyan Tree. Ugan" is an Okinawan dialect word for a wish or prayer. Private concerts by famous artists are sometimes held here.
Cape Hedo Misaki, the northernmost and most spectacular cape on the main island of Okinawa, is also nearby. Yoron Island and Okinoerabu Island in the Amami Islands can be seen. It is also recommended as a location for wedding photography and filming, including the surrounding beaches.
For the reception party, you can choose from a restaurant in Daisekirinzan, a glamping style party on the grounds, or a nearby resort hotel, in casual or formal style.
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Daisekirinzan Promotional Movie
The charm of Daisekirinzan (surroundings) is shown in the video! Kunigami Village Introduction Video (Kunigami Monogatari) Video commemorating the 110th anniversary of the village's establishment (focusing on the history and culture of the Yanbaru Forest) @Kunigami Village Hall
The charm of Daisekirinzan (surroundings) in video! Cape Hendo, the northernmost tip of Okinawa's main island@Kunigashira Village Tourist Association
The charm of Daisekirinzan (surroundings) in video! The Tamashii Box of Nature Kunigashira Village Guided tours to fully enjoy the village from morning to night! @Kunigashira Village Tourism Association


◉ About Daisekirinzan
Daisekirinzan was formed by crustal movement of limestone rocks that were formed in the ocean 250 million years ago. Over millions of years, rain and wind have eroded the limestone, creating a unique landscape of strange stones. There are two trekking trails in the vast forest, where visitors can enjoy dynamic views of oddly shaped rocks, giant banyan trees, and the summit overlooking the ocean. The site is also known as a sacred place in Ryukyuan mythology, and is mentioned in Ryukyuan history books as a power spot.

◉Yanbaru's unique cuisine and beverages, as well as activities that allow guests to enjoy nature to the fullest
The food and beverages served at the reception will include traditional recipes handed down by Yanbaru grandmothers, served live by chefs from nearby hotels as a celebratory arrangement, and original cocktails made with an abundance of Yanbaru's famous seekworhua (Okinawan sea squirt) and pineapple. In addition, as Northern Okinawa was recently registered as a World Natural Heritage site, we will work with the bride and groom to coordinate a plan for their wedding guests to fully enjoy nature during their stay, including a kayaking experience to enjoy the wilderness of the Yanbaru forest and a tour to see rare species such as Yanbaru queens.

◉Anniversary agent (comprehensive production)
Anniversary Agent is a wedding and lifestyle concierge focused on memorable and recordable anniversaries. We provide total coordination of the entire wedding process, from the ceremony at Oishi-Rinzan to the reception, venue decoration, photo & video, dress, hair & makeup, and entertainment arrangements, as well as care for the bride, groom, parents, and guests during their stay in Okinawa. We also provide total production services for the bride, groom, parents, and guests during their stay in Okinawa.





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